Beach Glass

My mom and I have spent the last 10+ years combing the beaches of Southern Maryland in search of fossilized shark teeth. Along the way, I developed a love for beach glass and now have a pretty big collection.
The thought came to me one day before Christmas 2014. I wanted to figure out a creative way to display the beach glass and present it as a gift to my Mom. I didn’t want to drill through the delicate pieces, nor did I want to use glue or anything that would ruin the naturally aged finish. I dug through my old craft boxes and found some jewelry wire. I started wrapping, it looked awful. I tried again, same result. I sat in my kitchen, using the counter as a work space for 3 days until I figured out a way to wrap those pieces properly. After all of that work, I only had a few pieces that were the right size for my project. So, I went out and bought a few bags of tumbled glass and incorporated them into my design. Then I remembered the old piece of driftwood that had been sitting in my trunk for years. It was a perfect way to complete my project. I made another, then another and the rest is history. When I’m not photographing families or working on a client’s design, I find comfort in working with my hands, using natural materials and just going with the flow.

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