DIY Hummingbird Feeder

I’m very fortunate to have always had good luck feeding hummingbirds. Year after year, they always come back to spend the summer with me and I’ve literally spent hours photographing them. It never gets old ♥

I LOVE this super cute and super easy diy hummingbird feeder by Better Homes & Gardens and the perfect recipe for sugar water! If you want to make a bigger batch remember the ratio is white sugar:1 to water:4

Please remember to only use white sugar. Do NOT add syrup, honey, molasses, any other sweetener, etc. It can actually kill them. Just stick to sugar water. Also, make sure to clean your feeders regularly. Mold develops quickly in warm, humid feeders and after a couple of days, the sugar water mix will sour. If you see the water in your feeders has started to turn cloudy, it’s definitely time for a good cleaning and fresh batch.

The best part about making your own hummingbird sugar water is no red dyes! Hummers don’t need red dye to be attracted to your feeders plus it’s not good for them. The red accents on your feeders will be enough to attract their attention. You could also fill your yard with lots of pollinator-friendly plants, the bees and butterflies won’t mind. Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll see a few hummers this season. 

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